Try These With Grandma’s Sarees!

Reuse, Recycle, Refresh. Works best with sarees!

Always wondered what to do with grandma’s hand me down gorgeous sarees? I recently discovered the best way to preserve (and frequently use) these sarees and give them a new lease of life  –  make them into new outfits!

There is so much you can do with an old saree – from stitching dresses, skirts, anarkalis, to even potlis and cushion covers!

I’ve been finding good designs to make for the sarees I got from my grandmothers (and mom) into something new, something I might wear more often than the saree itself!

I decided on making a few dresses and skirts. Here’s how I went about it.

  1. Identify my body shape
  2. Choose the dress style
  3. Choose the skirt
  4. Debate about a trouser versus jacket!
  5. Finalise my Pinterest Board.
  6. Dry clean the saree
  7. Go to my tailor
  8. Be happy!

It’s a good idea to first be clear on your body shape. Get the designs tailored to give you an hour glass look.

Here are some helpful guides

  1. Are You In Shape?!

 2. Types of Dresses


I’m sharing some of my favourite ideas with you here.

Skirts from a Saree

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Make it into a Dress!

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Casual Dresses

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Some Other Designs

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There’s an Indian label called Mogra Designs. I love their design sense. All the dresses are worth ogling over! I really liked their old saree collection – quite inspiring what an old saree can be turned into!

Check out their collection on their website. They update their Facebook and Instagram page often enough so keep an eye out for them!



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