The Most Decadent Gift For your Sweet Tooth!

Jennifer Fernandes is on a personal mission to make all of Bangalore eat healthy desserts!

Meet Jennifer Fernandes. Her single mission in life is to make you eat desserts, and more of it (hallelujah!). But in a healthy manner – one that’s actually good for you!

Founder and Pastry Chef of Natural Sweet Tooth Bakes started her baking journey in 2009, after working almost twenty years in IT globally.  Along with her family, Jenny moved back home to Bangalore and started to out to use her baking skills. Inspired by natural and holistic living, she wants to redefine quality of life for herself and her family, by eating ‘clean,’ nutritious, and whole foods. As part of this move to a healthier lifestyle, Jenny honed her skills in specialty natural baking, based on years of extensive research on the positive impacts of natural foods on health and wellness.

When you meet Jennifer you’ll notice something immediately. First she hands you a cupcake (I’m not a cupcake fan at all), stares at you eating every bite and then slowly starts to educate you, yes while you’re eating. I never cared much about what went into my desserts but thanks to Jenny now I’m observant and mindful.

Over the time I’ve spent with Jenny, I’ve learnt that having a sweet tooth is serious business. And alarmingly most of us are so ignorant about the poor quality of food we feed ourselves every day. I now know the difference between creams that go into frosting and buttercream, how there’s such a huge price difference in good quality chocolate versus what goes into the cakes we buy off the shelves. I was shocked at how little I was aware of in terms of substitutes for ingredients especially in desserts.

I’ll tell you the real reason Jenny is such a superstar. When you eat her desserts, you can almost hear her telling you what went into it, how long it took her to bake and how her children almost whacked off some bit of her batter (lucky kids!). You really feel the love when she makes a custom cake for you. But mostly I admire how passionately she teaches all of us who know her about her craft. Baking is definitely not a hobby, it’s a skill that very few get to truly master – but for Jenny, I bet she could do it in her sleep!

The real test for Jennifer was when I asked her to make a 1.5kg cake for people who hate cakes. I’m not lying, but that cake disappeared in 8 minutes. Mostly gorged on by men who claim to hate cake. You want to know what she made? See the photo below and guess the ingredients!

She made us a Rum + Coffee + Chocolate Decadent Cake.

2 Layers of Chocolate Sponge, flavoured with coffee and Rum. Filled and frosted with a very light Chocolate buttercream. Edible green spinach and Marigold colours used for a little bit of colour.

Her Instagram page is drool worthy!

Jennifer has a website where you can place orders or else just call her on the number and get her to help you custom design something you won’t forget soon!

My favourite page on the website

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.21.56 pm


  1. Order directly or thru Website or call +91 99726 83303
  2. She delivers across Bangalore
  3. She does custom orders for other baked goodies so ask her for more details.





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