About The Author

Nayantara Kochhar

Designer and Founder – Auraz Design Bangalore, India

This is my scrapbook –  a smorgasbord of hidden gems from my world.

I’m a self-confessed hoarder of knick-knacks. My home is filled with little treasures from my life. After being in HR for five years, I quit that life to start afresh and explore the creative world of business. I travel all across Bangalore and South India to hunt for old treasures. I started with a vision to restore what’s precious and relook at the old in a modern way. I loved the old crumbling homes I grew up around in Calcutta and Goa. Auraz was born because there was no one to maintain them as they withered away.

My passion for creative art and craft was born when I studied with my art teacher Mr Balakrishnan in school. I had no formal training in Design but he inspired and helped me make the career shift in 2014. I was DIYing the shit out of everything at home. At Auraz we channel this energy into giving a new burst of life to the forgotten. My goal is to help you create spaces that reflect who you are. No one wants to live in a copy of a copy of a copy of a studio set. I’m here to offer an alternative that brings out the essence of design – a reflection of you the individual.


Find out more about Auraz Design here www.aurazdesign.com